It depends on the correct drainage channel!

Irrespective of whether you need them for facades, terraces, balconies, flat roofs, green roofs or in gardening and landscaping – drainage channels manufactured by K-Metall perfectly fulfil your purpose. Facade drainage and surface drainage won’t be issues for you any longer.

However, what should a drainage channel be able to accomplish? It should drain off the accumulating surface water for protecting the building fabric. It should drain the water-bearing layer. It should be a backwater reserve in case of sudden rainwater. Naturally, a drainage channel must also be harmoniously integrated into the facade and landscape architecture. It must be able to adapt itself flexibly in different installation situations.

You can already see: we know all about drainage channels. And therefore we present to you a solution for all these requirements – KM ER drainage channels! This drainage channel is available in different dimensions and shapes. The construction is design-oriented and functional. Sophisticated surrounds and versatile grate designs ensure that it visually fits very well in every environment. Naturally, only high-quality materials are used.

You will find the correct drainage channels with us, at K-Metall. Get an insight into our type overview here.


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