It all depends on the correct roll-up grate!!

Roll-up grates serve as air inlets as well as air outlets in the floor. They cover floor ducts and serve as design elements.

When it comes to the roll-up grate from the house of K-Metall, you can choose between aluminium and stainless steel. The aluminium roll-up grate is a flexible lamella grate made of aluminium with an anodised and powder-coated surface. The lamellas are transverse, the distance is variable; the roll-up grate is screwed with coil springs and spacer sleeves. The lamellas are also transverse in case of a flexible lamella grate made of stainless steel. The distance is variable in this case too. The roll-up grate is screwed with coil springs and spacer sleeves. In case of this grate, the surface is stained, sharpened, electropolished or glass-bead blasted.

Do you want special designs? No problem! If it concerns a corner: we have roll-up grates with a mitre cut / mitre corner. The angle is obviously variable. Or do you not want your roll-up grate to be straight? We offer a radial variant for this. A variable radius can be selected.

It doesn’t matter which roll-up grate you are interested in. K-Metall is your expert when it comes to roll-up grates. Contact us and we will find a customised solution for you too!


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