Accessories for grates

We offer different accessories for our different grate types depending on the intended use.

  • Straps with holes or threads for on-site fastening, attached either to a comb or a lamella
  • welded frame for loose insertion of the grates, also with holes for on-site fastening
  • Frame assembly sets in individual parts, each with a hole for on-site fastening
  • Substructures on demand, such as side panels for convector claddings, slotted or closed channel substructures (also see drainage channels), also with options for theft-proof grates and/or height-adjustable constructions
  • Cantilevers for fastening to the facade (see sun protection)

If the accessory part you desire is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly refining our constructions, and can also manufacture special elements which are customised to your project.



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