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Laserbeschriften K-MetallWith a marking laser by the manufacturer TRUMPF, we can machine different metal types such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass or copper. We have even made markings on hard wood using our machine. Different fonts, digitalised symbols or random contours can be created on the material surface. Please ask about options for your individual marking requests.
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Laserbeschriften K-Metall

Depending on the material type, different application fields are available. Engraving and electro-etching: short, powerful laser pulses allow of the base material or top coating to be melted or vaporised. For example, in the case of colour-coated or anodic-coated sheet metals, this results in interesting effects. Tempering: the laser beam heats the material locally and in the case of some metals, e.g. stainless steel, ’tempering colours’ can be seen.       



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